Why Choose littlelf

The popularization of internet and speed increase of bandwidth greatly drives the rapidly growing demand over internet products from household and small and medium-sized enterprises. The function of video surveillance is from security protection in tradition, it has been swiftly transformed and developed towards smart life, family members interaction and recording pets cute action.

Faced with this historic opportunity, SKYLINE rapidly transform itself, leaving the traditional security products and delivering all efforts to research and develop smart home and smart living products. We cooperate with universities professional in video surveillance and communication field. After two-year efforts, we finally created and nurtured the littlelf-branded smart 3D panoramic navigation camera under the co-efforts from seven Ph.D. supervisors and 23 postgraduates.

1. Most competitive price. Compared with other brand products, littlelf offers the best price to expand the local market share, we assure you the competitiveness of price.

2. Great margin. littlelf ensures the proper margin for sales agents/distributors. There is a professional team managing the global price, aiming at building a regulated market environment.

3. More choices. Our products not only have the basis functions, but also empower you with new functions like the 3D panoramic navigation, opposite direction call and most real definition.

4. Highly Efficient service. littlelf has a 7x24 hours customer service center consisting of twenty professionals for effectively solving customer’s complaints via Email、call and remote viewer in time. What’s more, the customer service center can train the sales agents and distributors free of charge.

Better Price

We assure you the competitiveness of price

Great Margin

littlelf ensures the proper margin for sales agents/distributors.

More Choices

Not only basis functions, but also new.

Efficient Service

7x24 hours service center.

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