After-sales Service


Lilttlelf is a professional factory come from Shenzhen China which produce safety intelligent panoramic monitoring products. littlelf offers a limited warranty for products that have defects in materials and processes.

littlelf authorized agents and distributors all over the world. The agents and distributors also provided after-sales service including return/replacement and technical support directly to customers. It will be better to get a fast service directly if you order from Little’s agents and distributors.

Mac address recording should be made by agents/ distributor to make sure the warranty period.

When you want to return the products, please contact agents/ distributor.

If you have any questions to communicate with the distributor/dealer, please send email to

The final explanation rights of "After-sales service instructions " are owned by Shenzhen cctvskyline co., LTD. Hereinafter referred to as " littlelf". Please read the following carefully after purchase.

Terms of service

Free Replacement: Same or new products with equivalent hardware configuration would be provided if defects were detected within certain time and verified by littlelf technician or appointed agency technicians, and no scratches in appearance, well packaged. The replacement of defective products is owned by littlelf.

Warranty: Free maintenance or faulty components replacement would be provided if defects were detected within warranty and met conditions of free services and repairs after checked by littlelf technician or appointed agency technicians.

Fee maintenance: Fee maintenance would be provided if defects were detected within warranty but can’t met conditions of free services and repairs after checked by littlelf technician or appointed agency technicians.

ong maintenance: littlelf provides rechargeable maintenance service after products warranty to discontinued.

Firmware Upgrade Package: Product Information, User Manual, Product Announcement, FAQs, Solutions and other information will be uploaded to our website in the first time, you can visit for the technical support, and get latest information of your products.

The following circumstances are not belongs to the range of replacement and free maintenance

The operating environment does not meet the relevant national standards, such as over voltage, over current, lightning, high temperature, high humidity, vibration and so on;

The accidental factors and human behavior leading to product damage, such as water penetration, mechanical damage, products broken, serious oxidation and rust;

During the period of products installment, products using and products maintain, make products fail and damage without according to the instruction manual;

Without the permission of littlelf, changing their own inherent settings file and virus damaging which will be caused by product failure;

Dismounting or repairing not by littlelf and authorized services agency;

Unauthorized alteration, delete bar code and serial number of products;

Over the decline of replacement and warranty;

On the way back to fix, damage due to transportation, loading and unloading;

Due to force majeure such as earthquakes and fires which make products failure and damage;

Products failure or damage not owing to their design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other problems.

Special Explanation

All series of products, maintenance refers to the main engine. The packaging and gift items (power lines, cables, information, etc.) is not covered in the warranty, but if the attachment has some problems using at the first time after purchasing, we will replace for you. For the need of more packaging, accessories, or renovation requirements, we will charge a certain amount of cost.

The "replacement / Warranty Period" as described in the Service Policy means within a few days from the date of commencement. (1) the date of shipment from littlelf; (2)Products purchased through littlelf authorized agents, which is no later than 90 days from littlelf's shipment date.

For repair / replacement products, there is a three-month warranty period from the date of delivery of littlelf. If the remaining warranty period of the original product is longer than three months, the original warranty period shall prevail.

For products that have agreed upon the terms of the after-sales service after purchasing, which are subject to the contract by littlelf.

We do not assume any responsibility for any other commitment made by the agent.


Except as expressly stated terms, littlelf does not provide any clear or implied warranty as to the warranties and liabilities arising from the commercial and applicability of the Special Purpose, arising out of transactions, applications and business communications.

littlelf does not warrant that its software is completely defect free and does not guarantee that the customer will not encounter any problems or interruptions while operating the software.

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